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Engineering & Design 

Our team is comprised of engineers who work with you to design the most efficient refrigeration system for your products. 

Their certified expertise allows for a precise and seamless installation process. 

We recognize that reliable service after installation is critical and make sure to be available for your needs. 


899 Newark Tpke, Kearny, NJ 07032 | Tel: (201) 467-8222 | Fax: (201) 624-7444

Atlantic provides a complete line of refrigeration products. Designed specifically to meet your needs, our products come in many sizes and are made to last. From evaporators to multi-compressor units, Atlantic can find the system you need and make sure it fits right into your store.

​Atlantic Supermarket Equipment provides rack systems that are sturdy and customizable. Our versatile racks increase storage efficiency, allowing products to be kept together while being easily accessible. Suitable for items of any size, rack systems are a great way to keep a diverse range of products neat and orderly.

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